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Prose (WoW)

Character History

Way back when it was I started
I think it was diablo 2 freshly departed
Was scared of the big ol’ world and the giant trees
Who knew i’d end up fighting giant bees?
Question mark question mark mobs would make the chase
All over the zone, player cant even catch a break

Now all grown up and ready to grace
Them with my presence in a sacred place
Spent two weeks in the CRG
Hella tight group, i gotta agree
Split up, stripped down and then ascended
Turned raiding on its ear though some got offended
Moved past the drama and cleared through content like D an’ T
All the bosses drop their loot cause they’re scared you see
Whacked Patchwerk, Maexxana and even Thaddius
Other end-game raid guilds want to hate on us

They can’t hold it down like we indefatiguably do
Always losing people in their weak little crew
Officer loot preference, armchair GMs and teenage drama
Breaking up guilds, vent grieving and causing trauma
Some guilds left the server and took their ony’ cloak
I just sit back and light up a smoke
Watching the fools come and go
Clumsy set of players who ain’t got no flow

Real life creeps in and makes you go how
Am i ever going to sacrifice playing WoW?
You lose sleep, can’t focus, even eat less
Can’t wait for the evening to feel that raiding caress
But life is outside and can never be gone,
You try to shake it, but its way too strong
Had to stop, couldn’t be done,
No more nights of running, no more fun

Now this is my story can’t you see
Gonna be hitting outland in the BC
But first a shaman i will play
Ganking mobs and players if they get in my way
Twinked and epic-ed out all the way
Showing noobs how to roll, come what may
Bringing it hard with enhancement donned
Maybe we’ll meet up in the portal beyond

Me and my crew go raiding when we can think of nothing to do
Zul Gurub, Anh’Qiraj and Molten Core too
Casual raiders with a goal to push through
Making progress like it was cake, soon we’ll be in Outlands riding those Drakes

Pally Power
Yeah, there have been times i’ve shield and Hearthed
But only to annoy the horde damn they’re retarded
Up with patch two point Oh
Dps got buffed, and now does it show
Taking out shamans in pvp
Now i’m the one laughing in so much glee
Casters still fear, D oh T, and throw some sheep
But with my retrib spec I make em weep
Crusader strike then judge now repeat after me
Watch the horde, in terror as they flee

Casuals want us to hand them epics for free
DKP not /random, do you agree?
I got so much bling i bleed purple when i’m cut
But don’t worry i already got hit with a HoT
Cause see thats how me and my crew roll
Always got a spell ready and even a scroll

Shaman Rolling
Here’s some verse thats a bit rehearsed
I’m tricky like chain lightning, my lowbie dps is very frightning
dropping totems left and right putting paladins out without a fight
alliance shaman; living the dream, hold on let me drop a totem of healing stream
leveling up to sixty, gonna get big like Bill Bixby
and if anything comes to block, I’ll just slash y and say frostshock!


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