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The Longest Night
“PF” is the only remnant of what is left behind,
The Longest Night, in my mind.

Beeps, loud as can be, signify that i will be doing no more,
Better turn off all the machines and appliances to be sure.
I roam languidly into the living room,
And sit myself down; Little did i know i was in
For The Longest Night.
The Candlelight playfully mocks the walls
With its masquerade of shadows and light.
An hour has passed, and i fitfully sit.
Soon, i am laying on the floor,
Listening to Enya and slowly drifting
Into the land of the unconscious.

The CD is done and i awaken to the sight of darkness.
The couch looks like a good place to pass the night;
Yet i did not know it would be The Longest Night.
I awaken several times to the sound of silence and
Whispers of darkness still present.
My body drenched sweat hours old, sweat that gave up
Because the humidity won out.

I, at last awaken,
Stepping lightly as possible, something at the back
Of my mind reaches and makes a request for light.
Lo and behold! Light Everlasting.
I sit here now, in the Longest Night,
For it is only 1:30, and i cannot sleep.
I prefer the musing of my own mind to the silence
Of slumber. Perhaps it is because i have never
Written of things, or perhaps it is all part of
The Longest Night.


i sit here,
on my face, a blank stare
thinking of things,
from diamonds to superstrings!
Wondering how they came to be,
I look upon them looking back at me.
All of life, a fragile glass menagerie.

Ode to my Multia

An Alpha chip, 64-bit, you’ve got,
233 Mhz; your power, not a lot.
Without a doubt you are my favorite DEC.
My brother has his eye on you i suspect!

Currently without a drive you are,
Though soon you will get an IBM Deskstar!
2 1/2 inch drive you take
To accommodate your sleek grey make.

Soon you will be running DIGITAL UNIX
And we will work together, just for kicks
A UNIX!, no OS could strive to be freer
This is why i dedicate this: Ode To My Multia

Ode to an HP-9000

What’s in a name?
An ‘H’, a ‘P’, a 9000, this is no game!
You boot without a hitch
Though, Sun memory makes you glitch!

POST, Syslog, NIS, MIB, NFS,
With fly colors you pass these tests.
To CDE you originally boot,
For that environment, i don’t give a hoot.

Now we gave you a network address
“Ping” went the test.
Now from remote i can root login
Yes i know, remote root is a sin.

With ecstasy i roamed your system
All the while to mp3s i listen.
After a short survey, i can now see
You are a 9000, HP.

In The End

all i can see is the darkness
are my eyes open or closed shut?
i reach out blindingly into the distance
with hopes of finding my destiny
but what am i hoping to find?
happiness? perhaps.

or just a glimmer of hope
an end to this Troglodite existence
an end to this Morlock curse,
an end?

everyone has been here before
everyone has seen the darkness
everyone has to walk their own path
i must find my way into the light
but the light is far and the walk is long

to hope is to be human
to be human is to learn, live, love?
if you do none of those, what then?
make my move? is there a guide?
to change, to learn, to live, to love?

these are things that cannot be answered
with so few words; or perhaps not at all
maybe it does not need to be answered
maybe it all works out in the end in the end,
maybe that’s all we have, the end.


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