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I have become very suspicious of technology, its seems inherently evil, but then I come to the realization that its not technology that is evil, but it has become a tool of evil. The evil as far as i see it is relying on technology too much. But what can we do? We are children of the information age. We know not about irrigation, manuscript, or faith. That’s not our place, that’s not our time. Our time and place is here and now: as architects of the virtual worlds, Gods and Goddesses of the future! We sit here at the crossroads of evolution and space travel, and the path we decide to follow could mean utter destruction, or eternal glorification!

I see now that my place here is well defined. I am a small cog in a giant machine. Without me, or others like me, the machine doesn’t operate. But with me the machine churns and rotates, amalgamating into a superior technological beast capable of domination, conquest, and colonization. Its tentacles spread like weeds across moons, planets, stars, galaxies; absorbing all in its path. Our quest for knowledge and understanding will bring us to the edge of the universe and back, showing us invincibility and ultimately immortality.

But at what price? Hundreds and thousands and millions and billions MUST DIE! All so we can stand on the shoulders of those who came before us? But what good is that when all we want is to be safe, to be happy, to be human! The universe gave us all we needed when we were born. Yet we constantly reach outward, searching, clawing, destroying everything in our path to understand who we are, and why we are here? We need only to look within! No. This is too difficult.

We are a race of users and abusers. We seek only to satisfy that which cannot be satisfied by the external world. We only need to believe again! The simple act of belief has freed so many in the past. But how does one believe? Is it still possible? It’s been many a century since the last believer. And even then they were an endangered species. Still despite all of this, I think its possible to attain “freedom”.

Even if I could, what do I believe in? I must now turn to the shattered and frail past that is my ancestry. Sift fact from legend, truth from untruth, and find the known. I know its still in me. Everyone is born with it. The universe flows through us. But we have to find it again. We have to rediscover ourselves. Maybe if we took off our masks and dared to look beyond the surface of ourselves. We might find what we are looking for. Maybe, maybe…. or maybe I’m just fooling myself. An old saying says you can only wait and hope.

And I am tired of waiting, tired of hoping. These shoulders will not be there for someone to stand on! The weight of the universe is light as a feather but the weight of the world is a billion times as heavy. Submit — yes that is all there is. I cannot deny who I am and what I am. I am. And that is all there is.

Nothing more, nothing less. I simply am…..

The Gulls
Good? Bad? What say you? Who is to say? Who is right, who is wrong? We live in a shadowy world of illusions only seeing what we expect to see. Conditioned by society, media, peers, parents, and authorities. We see what they want us to see. Boundaries and limitations given to us; shoved in our faces, stuffed down our throats. Like The Gulls we are destined to mundane existances; not daring to soar higher or fly faster. Never having a chance to transcend this corporeal binding. Bound to this simulacra and simulation with its dualistic nature, never to know true freedom.


One thought on “Musings

  1. I can’t remember where I read it but it was about new/current scientific studies that said that dopmamine in the brain was more than just about being a pleasure seeking reward chemical, but was the chemical itself that propels humans to ‘seek information’, hence we become addicted to information seeking! Check it out!

    I found your blog by googling ‘clear sky’ in google images and clicked on your clear sky.jpg – nice pic btw.


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