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I am a geek that loves technology, though sometimes it drives me mad. I am interested in many many topics and discliplines which include, but are not limited to art, science, philosophy, religion, politics and oddities.

With my spare time I play World of Warcraft sparingly but have been known to put in 6 hour stints when I’m really enjoying the game. I am a former end-game raider with experience in all of the major instances. I have left that lifestyle however as it came at too much of a cost. Now I play casually and enjoy the game with friends.

In addition to playing WoW, I troubleshoot and fix machines on my network which tends to keep me fairly busy when i’m not hanging out with friends and doing the normal human things. I am currently keeping track of stuff I’ve accomplished with 43things. My favorite thing about 43 things is making a list of things to do. They also have related sites like 43people and 43places, for those who have different interests.

As for a semi-digital presence, I mostly rely on instant messaging and somewhat on my myspace account. I’ve had accounts at friendster, tribe, and a dozen of other sites, but since a majority of people I know frequent myspace, I too have defaulted to it. But like many social networking sites, I feel the usability is poor and horrifically cluttered, so I tend to shy away from it.

For social bookmarking I use myweb from yahoo. It gets the job done though it lacks many features that more popular bookmarking sites support. It is however gaining popularity. I use it because its tied to my yahoo email which i use reguluarly. I usually update the myweb bookmarks daily and typically contains cool stuff.

I enjoy digital photography, as many people of my incliation do. I hope to posts some images on this blog that I find noteworthy and of interest. I shoot with a Konica-Minolta DiMAGE Z10 which is a really good starting camera and has a lot of features that allows the photographer to grow with the camera. The lense is quite nice for a point and shoot camera as you can see here: DiMAGE Z10

You can contact me at: duncan.mcbaine[_at_]gmail_dot_com


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