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So everyone’s been QQing about retribution paladins.  Oh, they are unstoppable/unbalanced, blah blah blah.  These morons wouldn’t know a balanced class if it shat on them.  I’m so sick of kiddies and their moronic blathering.  No one complains about how unbelievably powerful ice and arcane mages are?  How about how OP locks are?  Not a peep.  What a bunch of retards.  Anyway…  I digress…

Ret pallies have been improved somewhat.  We still need a few skills like range closers and buffs to some abilities.  But as it stands we’re where we should have been at release 3 years ago.  Blizzcon came and went and the devs said “ret pallies are fine and we’re releasing them as is”.  Ghostcrawler, the dev who’s been in communication with the pally forums for some time stated that we may receive some balancing, but its not going to be severe.

Today, a hotfix on the Live servers doesn’t quite seem to follow that line of reasoning.  Divine storm, our 51 point talent has been changed to Physical damage from Holy damage.  So now our ultimate talent is a copy of a baseline warrior ability and is now affected by armor mitigation.  Which means, its effectively useless against most melee targets.  Hurrah.  Some suggest that this is an unintended nerf and that its really a bug.  Doubtful.  Blizzards attitude to ret pallies has always been bait and switch.  Oh here’s some abilities that are useful and can make you actually want to play your class….. but you can’t have them.  Instead of fixing the myraid of problems with the class, ret pallies get GCD removal of Auras.  Great, i can change my aura without triggering my global cooldown.  Shouldn’t that have been that way say like 3 years ago?

I don’t know what to say aside from this is the same typical bullshit that has been going on from the start.  Thank god I’m not getting the WotLK expansion.


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