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Captchas (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CAPTCHA) are getting impossibly difficult to read.  Captchas are those images with words and numbers that are wavy, have lines through them and are skewed.  You frequently encounter them at login pages, registration pages, and other pages requiring human user verification.  They used to work great, but they’ve been slowly becoming more difficult to read.  I assume that “bots” are getting smarter and determining what the Captchas are.  The problem now is that the images distort the words/numbers/letters so badly I can’t tell what they are.  I’m sure I’m not the only one.

At what point does it become a hiderance and not a security mechanism.  At the moment its starting to border on security theater.  Ok yes it helps keeps bots out, but surely there are better ways?  I mean when I have to reload the page or captcha 3 times before, me, a human, a sentient being with a brain unparalleled by any thing else on the planet, can figure out what it is… its time to call it quits on catpchas and find a new mechanism.


One thought on “Captchas

  1. Yah I have the same problem. And it does seem Captchas have been cracked. I agree the entire system should be scrapped. I believe introducing a new system of displaying a photograph and asking the user to identify 3 objects in the picture would be a more practical solution.

    A secondary option would be to simply use the first generation of captchas that were distorted but not hard to read and randomly generate a question of “identify the first, seventh, first, eight character in the Captcha.” Of course the numerical positions would be randomly generated. There could also be randomly generated questions to identify how many times a series of letters occurs in the captcha, or asking the user in which positions random letter(s) occur in the captcha image. Perhaps I am over simplifying the situation, and just inviting new bot scripts.

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