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Remember the bloody password

I don’t know what the Thunderbird developers are doing.  If they are doing anything at all.  But the sheer annoyance of the password bug in Thunderbird is starting to drive me mad.  It turns out Thunderbird will not remember some passwords and will prompt for passwords it already has stored when a failure to communicate with the IMAP/POP/SMTP server occurs.  Its truly maddening because its a simple bug to fix.  Not only that, but being a software developer, shouldn’t that have been caught before release?  I mean its not THAT difficult to find that bug.  I would go ahead and fix it myself but as I’m terribly busy and I’d rather not dig through hundreds of lines of code to find a problem that should have been fixed; I’m going to complain about it for now.  Further, its GTK i believe, and well lets just say GTK isn’t the most elegant toolkit available.  So to summarize.  FIX THE DAMN BUG.  Oh yeah, and release a new version of Thunderbird already.  My version is so old its getting mold.


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