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The other shoe begins to drop

Well with the new 8962 build out, paladins have gotten a tweak here and there. There is one problem with the new build that irks me. Seal of command is bugged in that it is being affected by armor. If its not, then the seal is not getting the proper modifiers from attack power, Spell power, and/or weapon damage. Seal of command is doing about half the damage is supposed to. Which makes it a poor performer in mana/dps. Right now ret pallies have to suffice with using seal of matyr or seal of blood. Which is not terribly bad, but the fact that the seal does damage to the caster does not make it very viable to pvp and some pve. The ret pally should be a self sustaining dps class with group utility. That is what seems to be the direction of the devs judging from the abilities given to us in Wrath.

I do however feel that a nerf in ret paladin dps/abilities is coming. I really hope i’m wrong. But it happened so many times before. As another poster put it “they give us a taste of what we could be, and then take it all away”. So very true.

And now for some completely OT ranting:

For so long I’ve watched this game become unbalanced, where
warlocks, hunters, MS warriors, and rogues are king. Everything is about Arenas which is a great concept, but utter shit in execution. Its not about person X and their friends doing some fun pvp. No. Its about who can spam the most abilities first. Oh and don’t bother if you’re not one of the ones in blizzards good graces. You have to be one of the chosen few classes who whispers sweet nothings into a certain dev’s ear. Balancing the game around warriors, rogues, and warlocks just because you play them is totally unprofessional and an utter disgrace. I’m sorry, the game stopped being fun right about the time when i was told i can’t play my class the wy i want to. I have to heal and thats all i’m good for.

PVP/PVE on the retribution pally was only for the masochists and the criminally insane. Maybe now there’s a glimmer of hope I can play my class in ALL areas of the game and not feel like I’m only there for refreshing buffs or standing in a
corner healing because I can’t dps. Yes I have a MASSIVE chip on my shoulder. I watched my favorite class grounded into nothingness and then disregarded. Now retrib pallys are finally able to compete fairly against other classes (PVP/PVE) and every wanker who gets outdone by a retrib pally cries nerf. These asinine purile drivel being spouted by absolute morons with no sense of game design and balance. Where are the numbers? No, they don’t bother with
actually testing the game. They just chose to see what they want (omfg, I got beat by X class). I personally don’t have time to test the game, but if I did you can be sure I’d have some raw data to present. Not some whiny little post about nerfing class X. I have played the premade retrib pally enough to know that I can say without a shadow of a doubt, the class is finally up to par. The spells/abilities/talents are there finally. If only it would stay that way.

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