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Build 8962 released

Well there’s a new build for beta out. Build 8962 which made some small changes to the ret tree. Mostly tweaks. I’m only going to focus on Ret changes because I really am not interested in prot or holy anymore.

Tooltip fix for Seal of Command

  • Seal of Command changed: promises a critical strike on a stunned/incapacitated target.
  • Reduction in mana gain for party from Judgement of the Wise. Was .5% mana gain, now .25% to align it with other class regen abilities (shadow priests, etc)
  • Art of War tooltip fixed: Flash of Light casting time is reduced by 1.5 second

Thats all i gleaned from the forums so far since i’m still downloading the new patch.

WotLK Beta (US-English) Forums -> 8962 change list

If you don’t mind getting the patch data second hand some nice person on the forums has posted a patch list where you can obtain all the beta patches released so far (including the new build 8962).

WotLK Beta (US-English) Forums -> Patch & Client Mirrors

Edit: As usual MMO-Champion is right on top of things. You can get all the details for Ret, other spec/class changes, and new content there: MMO-Champion – World of Warcraft Guides and Raid Strategies


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