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Retribution pallys get some love….

I thought it would never happen, but so far it seems that retribution paladins have gotten some actual love in Wrath of the Lich King.  On beta, there’s been significant rework of the combat system which makes the paladin less of a chore and more of an class that could be fun and challenging to play.

Notable changes are seal/judgement system has been changed.  Judging seals no longer consumes the seal.  Seals have been increased to 2 minutes in duration.  With the introduction of “hand” spells, blessings have become less painful to maintain.  Blessings such as blessing of sacrifice, salvation, freedom, and protection have been made into hand spells.  Hand spells do not replace blessings but they last a short time (<20 seconds).

DPS has been greatly increased.  Ret paladins have great burst DPS at the moment.  So much so that retribution paladins in PVP are dominating when played properly.  This causes many other classes to whine though.  Unfortunately, I see blizzard coming down with the nerf bat before Wrath goes live.

Additional spells like Art of War, Sacred Shield, Judgement of the Wise, have given paladins the tools to succeed in PVE content as well as PVP.  Remarkable job done by the devs so far.  I really do hope there are no nerfs.  I personally could stand to see paladins get a few more tweaks/buffs.

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