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Here’s a great chart of automotive manufacturers, holdings, and joint ventures.  The chart is a bit dated, and probably somewhat inaccurate, but still rather informative.

Speaking of automobiles, I recently watched the movie Transformers.  *cough*2 hour 30min automotive commercial*cough*  I don’t understand why people said it was good.  It was at best a typical summer blockbuster, emphasis on typical.  Maybe I’m just old school at heart, but the design decisions on the transformers were horrific at best.  Transformer design, imho, were and always have been sufficiently “modern”.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, appeal to a larger audience, blah, blah, blah.  And with the recent trend of dredging up old 80’s shows and bastardizing them into summer blockbusters, I’m not expecting Thundercats to impress much.


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