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Bit o’ rant…

Lately I’ve been looking around on my WoW server and I’ve been noticing a lot of enhancement shamans (dual wielding). Well geared ones to be precise. However, the thing I consistently see is they all choose to go with two fast weapons, or a fast offhand weapon and a slow main hand weapon. Yes there is a major problem with enhancement shaman weapon itemization past 71.x DPS weapons. Past 71.x DPS blue weapons, only two crafted weapons and pvp weapons exist for enhancement shamans for the offhand that satisfy the slow (2.6 speed) requirement. This is a major problem for class progression. (How is one supposed to play the class when the tools are not available???)

However, with shamans who are geared with Karazhan/SSC/TK gear, they should at least have access to a few slow (2.6 speed) offhand weapons. I know a few items for offhand weapons that are 2.4 speeds and higher. These are about ideal for enhancement shamans. As far as I can tell, there are about 1-2 enhancement shamans in some end game raiding guilds. Can they not get the weapons with being such a very small number in a raiding guild? I’m sure some rogues/warriors also like those slow offhand weapons. But I really don’t think the issue with raiders of Kara/SSC/TK is that they are having to compete for weapons. I think they are unfamiliar with their class. Pre-BC, shamans favored very fast weapons, speeds 1.9 and faster (ex. daggers, fist weapons). The change in the way Windfury works, it now favors very slow weapons. This has been proven time and again in simulation models, real in-game testing, and solid theorycraft.

So why is that I look around at all these shamans in their SSC/TK gear and they’re pushing around two 1.5 speed daggers? It goes to show you don’t need to know anything about your class to raid. I’m sure they know how to play their class some, but I don’t think that they fully understand how badly they are gimping themselves (and their raid) using such high speed weapons. It irks me to know people don’t care or aren’t aware of the class dynamics. Sure I don’t expect everyone to care, but you’re playing the class, aren’t you a bit curious how it works?

I could go on for ages how I keep saying slow is better, and how no one seems to believe me when I say it. I didn’t do the math, I didn’t do the testing, I didn’t make the models. The guys in the link below did however and if you want to know more, click through.

Elitist Jerk’s Theorycraft


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