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Bagger 288

Well this recently hit Digg and since I’m a big fan of industrial equipment (who isn’t?) I decided to post about it. Featured on Gizmodo, Bagger 288, is a testament to good engineering. Albeit its not specifically the largest land vehicle, according to Wikipedia.

(Courtesy of Martinroell and Wikipedia)


Some tasty specs (thanks to diligent diggers):

~ The mover stands 95 meters tall and is 215 meters long.
~ It weighs over 45,500 tons
~ Cost over usd $100 million (€78 million) to build
~ Took 5 years to design and manufacture
~ 5 years to assemble.
~ Requires 5 people to operate it.
~ The Bucket Wheel is over 21 meters in diameter with 20 buckets,each of which can hold over 15 cubic meters of material.
~ A 6-foot man can stand up inside one of the buckets.
~ It moves on 12 crawlers (each is 3,6 meters wide, 2,5 meters high and 14 meters long).There are 8 crawlers in front and 4 in back.
~It has a maximum speed of 1km per 2 hours (0.5 kph).
~ It can remove over 76,455 cubic meters each day.(100,000 large dump trucks at 36 meters each)

I wonder who would win between Space Shuttle Crawler and this bad boy. Heh 😀

Makes me want to finish off the Ultra Deep Sea Oil Rig section I started a while back. Maybe some day I’ll get around to finishing and posting that section.


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