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Well I’ve been busy and I haven’t gotten a chance to play WoW in about a week now.  To be honest I’m really not missing it so to speak.  I would like to play it because it helps me relax, but if for some reason I didn’t or couldn’t play it, I’d just find something else to do.  I’ve still got a long way to go to 70, but I’ll eventually get there if I decided to continue playing more frequently than I am at the moment.

I gotta put together a newegg order so I can get a new WAP that doesn’t suck.  I can’t believe I actually have to order a cd/dvd drive too.  Amazing.  Of the plethora of cd/dvd drives I have/had, none of them work any more so I gotta toss em.  Anyway, fresh parts are on its way as soon as I decide what else I need from there.  I know inevitably I’ll need some parts or something as soon as I put the order in.  Gotta keep my fingers cross that nothing breaks or dies in the next couple weeks.


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