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Weekend warrior

Its going to be a busy weekend.  Got a cousin coming in for the weekend and I expect we’ll be taking her out for the run around.  Kinda looking foward to getting away from my machine for a bit.  Here lately I’ve not been playing much WoW and I’m not feeling any deleterious effects.

I gotta find a new wireless access point.  Having changed my network layout my new WAP exposes me way too much.  Its an older WAP that only does WEP.  Thinking I want to bump up to WPA2 running VPN inside.  I’ve read reports of cracking WPA and close to cracking WPA2.  WPA was cracked, but to be fair, the proof of concepts that have been demoed use a weak passphrases.  Either way, hopefully a strong password with WPA2 will keep me out of harms way, and maybe I’ll throw a tunnel in the mix or something.


Cracking  Wi-Fi Protected Access Part 2

Cracking WPA-PSK

Cracking WEP and WPA Wireless Networks

WPA Cracking Proof of Concept Available


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