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Well as you know I’m mostly about Getting Things Done (GTD).  Its a whole philosophy and methodology on how to approach things.  Without sounding like a buzzword rodeo, I’ll just say this.  Getting things done can be relatively easy and painless if you want to really get things done.  Here’s a neat little “app” that I ran across today.  Its called MonkeyGTD.

Its very clever in that its just a stand-alone webpage you can download and use without a DB backend.  Its fairly nice and the feature thats rather good is the “waiting for” section, that is quite handy.  I have found some short comings that I’ve had to work around.  One such oddity is that everything must be associated with a project.  And once you have a project you can add tasks, reminders, etc.  It does not seem to support notes, which albiet isn’t necessarily a core feature of most similar apps, it is quite helpful.  In spite of those however, its still quite a useful app.

I may not have mentioned it before but here’s a good site about GTD called Zenhabits.  Another good one is Lifehacker.


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