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More fun than a barrel of monkeys

Its been a long week and I’ve got the parts for the RAID finally, now I just have to put it all together and rebuild it. Fun.

Now for some actual factual fun. One of my more favorite games ever is Alice by American McGee. Really fun, kinda freaky but very entertaining. Here’s the original CG trailer for it.

I’ve always wanted to run WoW on linux, but never had the opportunity. It seems as though linux has gotten a lot more games in the past few years. Here’s a good run down of native linux games.

To continue on my random gaming tangent, let me say that while I’ve played many games over the years. However, I do not consider myself a serious gamer. I’d definitely say I’m a casual gamer, and PC gamer at that. I’ve owned approximately one console gaming station in my entire life and only had about 4 games for it. For those who have had the opportunity and pleasure of playing a large array of video games, I’ve got a link that might make you go back and dust off those old consoles. Here’s a list of what are supposedly underrated games that you may or may not have played.


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