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Tender…. Supple!

While I’m a big fan of fractals, I’m not a big fan of vegetables and fruit. But here’s something that one like me can get interested about. I’m sure many have seen these before, but everytime I see one, I have to stop and admire the sheer beauty. I’m not a fan of math, but math can create beauty. Interestingly enough, as its been measured time and again, traditional beauty is merely a form of proportions. Most beautiful people are just proportioned so that we find them appealing. There goes that math again. Its everywhere, like… a … virus (</voice=”agent smith”>). Another link to some fractalesque food.

Oh yes and here is another interesting fruit called the Horned Melon. I’m not absolutely sure, but I believe this fruit was one of the fruits used as a prop item in a scene from the movie Ultraviolet.


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