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Well its Monday and I am still out of town, but getting ready to mosey on along back into town. Just found out my dsl went down again. I’m really getting tired of these internet connection issues. Aside from that, I’m looking towards a more self-managed firewalling/routing solution. Personally I don’t trust the stock firewall on a dsl modem. Just paranoia I guess. But I really would like something like a firewall device thats low maintainence. My current firewall has been fine for like something on the order of 3-4 years now (really much more), but recently all this work just to get it to work its starting to wear on my patience. Sometimes I just want a point and drool setup.

These days I’m growing weary of all the mundane and trivial issues that occupy my time. Seems as though you have to trudge through the viscous swamp of drudgery just to get to something that isn’t a completely monotonous chore.

This picture represents the hopeless plight of the human existance.

Anyway, I’ll stop being dreary. Happy April Fools (if you’re into that sort of thing).


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