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Heading out of town this weekend which means I’ll have to pack.  I’ll be making lists and checking stuff off! I think my favorite part of anything is making lists. Which is kind of why I like 43things. Make a list of things you want to do (maximum 43 things, hence the name) and do it. So far I’ve accomplished only a few things but it has helped me organize what I want to do. While it might seem a bit gimmicky, its a way to meet people who share similiar interests, all the while trying to accomplish stuff you want to do in life. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m big on self-improvement (and empowerment [eww, i just used a buzz word]). I think allowing the technology (websites/services/machines) handle things for you, lets you keep your hands free to do the important things. Personally, I believe in letting the machines work for me and not against me. But they always want to work against me. The savages! Fun word: resistentialism (#22 on the list).

Anyway, gotta get packing. Off to new adventures!


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