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Well I went to the Renissance Festival today (or as the big cheese over at cult of tech says: renfetish). It was hot out. 😦 But despite the glaring heat and dusty atmosphere I am still very glad I went. I finally got to see the Mediaeval Baebes perform live and I was duly glad to hear they sounded spot on, in spite of a technical difficulties. They performed twice and I was once again happy that I stuck around to catch the second show. I didn’t see any shows besides the Broon show which was quite hilarious. Next year if I go to renfetish I’ll have to take in some other shows. I shot quite a bit of pictures, but most of them was just me shooting in burst mode so I’d get pictures and be able to pick and choose from good ones. When I get my video card back I’ll organize the pictures and post a few.


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