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Buzzword bingo

Well if you have ever dabbled in the dark magic that is AJAX, you’ll quickly come to the realization that it can be a blessing and a curse. Mostly for me its been a curse. But luckily if you’re persistent and attuned to the dark powers within, you too can write AJAX applications.

After you’ve written one or two AJAX web apps you’ll tend to notice some things always repeating themselves. Other times you’ll notice things that you end up coding are almost exactly alike from the project you did X months ago. Well this is where design patterns come in.

Design patterns are just what they sound like. They are “patterns” for designing so that it makes for reusable code and solutions. Sounds familiar? Well lo and behold it sounds like object oriented programming all over again. Making blocks of reusable bits so you can save yourself time in the future. This of course is a reductionist explanation of what a design pattern is and what it is capable of doing for you. If you want to know more specificially about design patterns there are many good books out there. Just hit up your local brick and mortar/online bookstore.

Now that you’ve got an idea where we’re going, lets take a journey by reading this article on design patterns in AJAX.

Five Common AJAX Patterns


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