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Lunar Eclipse

Tonight is supposed to have a lunar eclipse. Its been a while since we’ve had an eclipse last. By the way, a blue moon isn’t that rare. A blue moon is the second full moon of the month, which occurs every couple of months. So therefore once in a blue moon is quite a common occurence. The outlook of the eclipse does not look good. It is supposed to start at 6pm and go till about 8pm. But the problem is that its quite early in the day which means there’s still a lot of background light. In addition to light pollution from living in suburbia, its going to be next to impossible to see anything. Lets hope its going to be at least visible.

Update: Shooting the eclipse with the camera proved to be an exercise in futility without a bigger lense or a telescope. The big kahuna over at cult of tech managed to get a semi-descent shot of the eclipse.

Update: Semi neat picture of the eclipse phases here.


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