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Thats a perfectly cromulent word…

I’ve always considered myself to have a fairly firm grasp on the English language and its uses. I’ve even received my fair share of accolades and complements when it comes to writing correctly. Recently though, I feel as if my writing style as well as capabilities have become lacking (before this sentence was edited I was mixing tenses; earlier I was mixing pluralities 😦 ). I find it difficult to construct sentences with a coherent thought and words that never gave me a bit of trouble to spell, like “tomorrow” and “compatibility” are terrifyingly difficult to handle.

I wish I could account for the “dumbing down” of my writing, but I am at a loss. So to attack the symptom in hopes that the problem goes away, I’ve decided to write, write and write some more. Practice makes perfect as they say. Funny how people who are extremely good at things typically share things in common with people who are diagnosed with mental illnesses according to the DSM4: they perform the same actions repeatedly in an obessive manner.

Ok, now that I’ve sufficently digressed from the topic at hand. I figure the best way to write is not just to write, but to write for a purpose; fill a need for content. I know people who are too busy to have a blog, but guess what? Why not write one for them. Yes, I think I should ghostwrite someone’s blog. I mean it solves two problems, so its gotta be a good idea right?

Oh yes, if you’re a pedant about the particulars of the english language, hit up Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing. Its a podcast type deal but its mostly entertaining and educational. Good for revisiting all those grammatical rules you don’t ever use. Grammar Girl’s recently been featured on TV. Go go grammar girl! Heh, alliteration is fun.


Random good quote: “Paraonia is just reality on a finer scale.” – Philo Grant from Strange Days


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