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One slick little device…

I’m usually not one for web/mobile devices as I rarely am on the move and they are usually too clunky to be considered usable. However, Nokia successfully managed to make an Internet device that may just be the best thing on the market as Internet devices go. Its the successor to the Nokia 770. The Nokia N800 is a really neat device.

(Image shamelssly ripped from wikipedia)


Nokia N800

It has built in photo and video organizer, mp3 player and calendar functionality, in addition to standard web based device functionality. I’ve seen flash animation play on it which is quite an amazing feat for Internet devices. It has a smart network feature which switches from bluetooth to WiFi when bluetooth either is not available. Along with gobs of internal memory (slots for 2 4gig SD cards) its touts a fast ARM cpu. Since its Linux based many many things have been ported to it, not in the least, Doom and Quake. If you ever get a chance to check out one of these bad boys, do it. Its major droolage.


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