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24″ Widescreen

I’ve had my eyes on a Dell 24″ Widescreen monitor for some time now, and I finally broke down and decided to order it. When it finally came in, all I had to say was WOW. Talk about one gorgeous monitor. I finally feel as though I finally have enough desktop space. I still miss my dual monitor setup and maybe I’ll eventually go to a 24″ + 20″ lcd setup, but thats not something that’s critical. Its pricey yes, but in comparison to what LCDs were going for only 6-12 months ago, its a great deal. I’ve seen quite a few Dell LCDs in my time and they seem to be a popular choice. Having done a bit of research on them I can see why. The 24″ has a fast response time (5ms) and an assortment of goodies like built in USB 2.0 hub and card reader. The card reader is great since I find myself managing my photos much better and easier. Using a digital camera its easy and Easy Mac (TM). Picasa on this monitor is awesome to say the least. Managing my photo collection has become a joy not a chore. I highly recommend this monitor to anyone looking for a single big monitor for work or gaming. The price will continue to drop making it more enticing too.

Having recently just moved from CRT to LCD I am accosted with the annoyance of randomly stuck pixels every now and again. While the few I’ve had have gone away in a day or so here is a resource that I know of that seems useful:


As silly as it sounds the general concensus is that physically massaging stuck spots on LCDs do make them unstuck, however this is not the recommended procedure. I thought it was a joke at first, but people said they’ve had luck with this method when the other software methods have failed. Here’s a good overview of this technique: http://www.wikihow.com/Fix-a-Stuck-Pixel-on-an-LCD-Monitor


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