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Beeps, Creeps and Sweeps…

Its been 8 months since I purchased an eVGA 7900GT card and I’ve been quite happy with it up until a month now. Having upgraded to Burning Crusade I’ve been noticing a lot of shearing, tearing and artifacts while playing. At first I thought it was just an anomoly and dismissed it at as just an abberant drawing issue. But then it started to occur with more frequency and intensity. So I started to monitor card temperatures and exactly when and how it would occur. After a week or so it continued to get worse so I decided to do some research on this problem. Lo and behold others have been experiencing the same problems, with exactly the same card line from exactly the same manufacturer.

The problem as I understand it has to do with manufacturers slightly upclocking the GPUs on the 7900 cards, but failed to take into consideration Nvidia changed the way overclocking works on its 7x series cards. The results were insufficent memory and memory bandwith casuing the card to fail at drawing objects on the screen, causing the problems. This problem is very old and has occured since eVGA, XFX and BFG have started manufacturing the cards about 9 months ago. There are many message board posts regarding this issue and the solution is to get an RMA on the card for one that is fixed. Supposedly the manufacturers have cards which are properly clocked that do not have the same issues as the the malfunctioning one. I’ve heard stories of eVGA doing extra tests on the cards they send out to their consumers with respect to the games that the purchaser had problems with. So eVGA’s customer service seems to be good. We shall see.

I submitted my RMA request today, so I am waiting on my RMA number so I can get this puppy out the door and get a working card in my hands ASAP. One slight problem is that my board does not support AGP and I only have spare AGP cards. With no on-board video, my main machine is effecitvely useless 😦 This is when I’m glad that I’ve got functional machines that I can fall back on.

Here’s the first post I initially came across regarding the problem:



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