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Slip and slide…

So I recently discovered after an excursion out of the house that upon return, a water pipeline in my backyard has ruptured and has quickly began enchroaching its watery goodness unto my otherwise dry and happy property.

Suffice to say it does not bode well. Contacting the local utility and notifying them of this unsolicited slip and slide in my backyard has resulted in a 2 day wait before anything has been done. Fortunately for me, but to my neighbour’s dismay, the water has been mostly entertaining the neighbour’s grassland. So after 2 days of this wishy washy extravaganza this is what it looks like.

Eek! Water

Update: It turns out the gallons and gallons of water that were lost escaped through a hole no bigger than about 2 inches in diameter. Obviously the water pressure being quite great forced a lot of water through the hole making it seem like the leak was much larger. Its fixed now and I do not have a second swimming pool in my backyard!


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